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ultralife is a locally owned multi-site cafe. each location has its distinct variations. from local coffee to craft cocktails and brunch to after-hours we strive to offer quality choices with unique flair. whether it’s our convenient local favorite drive thru on highway 101 or our ocean view full service speakeasy style cafe right in the historic nye beach district the ultralife team is ready to serve you!


In april of 2020 both locations were temporarily closed for remodel and restructuring due to the outbreak.  A month later both businesses re-opened with a new process as well layout and design to allow for social distancing. Major changes include no longer taking orders directly from car windows at our drive thru location as well as slower service due to sanitation protocol.

Now, at our nye beach location all of our “brunch” food items are served “to go” during the day (except alcohol which can be safely and legally consumed on premise). We are now offering full service, plated sit down dining during our “after-hours” on the weekends and have re-designed our layout and flow to account for state laws and social distancing. We offer a naturally bright, open and airy environment complete with ocean breeze and have indoor and outdoor seating available with an ocean view.

1. We have been very fortunate. Both of our physical locations as well as our business model have lent themselves to safe and swift compliance with local and state laws.

2. We ask for your patience. It is hard to talk, hear and breath with masks. Food service in general is prone to great miscommunication even on a good day.

3. We ask that you would save us any added grief by adhering to laws.

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